Just tonight I rediscovered about 40 or more comics that I worked on when I was a teenager. The body proportions of these characters are completely out of whack, but what did I know back then? It’s fun to read through all of these and see how cheesy they were.

But also, it’s fun to just go back and look at how I created dozens of superheroes with recurring story lines and enemies and alliances. My favorite of all those was Captain All Hero. I certainly was very inspired by Superman when I created him and that’s pretty obvious by looking at him.

So, tonight, I did something fun. I scanned a character sheet I did about 19 years ago and digitally colored it. Again, the proportions are insane. His head is really small and his muscles are crazy, but keep in mind how young I was.

Here he is!


Drawing and Illustrating

Drawing and Illustrating

While I write and talk a lot about writing, drawing is also one of my early passions. I began writing and drawing almost interchangeably. While I credit my mother for teaching me how to write and for always buying me books to encourage my imagination, it was my father who taught me how to draw.

I began drawing cartoon characters that I saw in TV, and ever since then all of my illustrations tend to be cartoonish, that is, not realistic representations of things. For a long time, I thought that this meant I was less of an artist than someone who was a “classical” painter.

When I was around nine or 10, or perhaps even earlier, I began to write my own comic strips. At first, I used characters that already existed (Batman, Superman, Mickey Mouse), but eventually, I began creating my own superheroes.

Looking back, I think drawing helped me cope with the fact that both my parents were far away. And by creating my own comic strips, I was writing dialogue and creating plot lines that extended into multiple volumes. In other words, I was mixing both things that I loved.

I kept working on comics until I was 13. Being an illustrator wasn’t a hip and cool thing like it is now and I was kind of embarrassed of letting people know that I was into comics, so, sadly, I stopped. I wish I had continued and improved my skills, but alas, I can’t change the thought process of an insecure teenager on the verge of high school.

Fortunately, I did save a bunch of my comics. I have dozens and dozens of original superheroes. Anyone at Marvel or DC hiring or looking for new ideas?

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