The Worst Case Scenario

The Worst Case Scenario

Okay, so I’m fully aware that if you mention or compare someone to Hitler then Godwin’s law comes into effect and no one should take the discussion seriously. With that in mind, I still invite you to take a wild (and hopefully impossible) ride into an exercise of speculative fiction.

First, some facts. Donald Trump has called all Mexican rapists and criminals, wants to ban all Muslims and track the ones that live here already and has said a bunch of other odious things.

Of course, we don’t live in Weimar Germany, but humor me for a moment. Again, I repeat that this is all speculative fiction and I sure hope that none of this comes true.


Trump’s America 

A few short weeks before the general elections, a massive terrorist attack takes place. It probably won’t be another 9/11, but more in the style of San Bernardino or the Paris attacks. It would be a group of armed terrorists shooting a large number of civilians.

The country is in a state of shock. People are afraid. People are angry. The terrorists are Muslim and one of them was a Syrian refugee. Immediately, Trump condemns the attack and spews his rhetoric on how to make America safe and great again. He stokes people’s fears and they eat it up. He becomes president.

Another alternative:

Trump becomes president. A few short months after his presidency, there’s a terrorist attack. This becomes Trump’s Reichstag fire. All the terrorists were deemed to be Muslim. If one of them happens to be a Latino American Muslim, then this is even more of a victory for Trump.

Hate crimes against Latinos and Muslims rise. Trump doesn’t condemn these attacks. In fact, his words only serve to inflame the people’s anger against minorities. Laws are passed that not only ban Muslims from coming in, but the ones already here have to carry an identification card at all times.

Right wing militia groups of “regular people” begin to take matters into their own hands. Officially, Trump condemns the violent acts by these groups. Unofficially, he not only supports them, but he funds them. These groups become his unofficial SA.

Of course, his “official” reprimand will be in the form of an offhanded comment, not paying too much attention to the issue.

Because people fear another “imminent” attack, many willingly give up their rights in favor of draconian laws. These “laws” give the federal government unprecedented power, especially the Executive branch.

Any person deemed “suspicious” (of being either a terrorist or an illegal) can be stopped by the police. In other words, anyone that looks Latino or Arab is continuously harassed and abused by the police and Trump’s right wing groups.

In order to keep people “safe” and find out if the terrorists have any weapons, people are told to register all of their weapons with the federal government. Months later, a lot of those weapons are confiscated in the name of “national security.” How so? “Well, if the government is here to protect you, and you trust the government, why not give up your weapons? Only bad guys have weapons. Are you a bad guy?”

Trump ignores the constitution, and since he’s the only one who can keep America “safe,” he makes provisions to be elected to a third term.

From then on, things will only get worse.


There you go. This is a brief worst case scenario of how Trump, and I suppose anyone, can destroy the fabric of this great nation. All it takes is for one person to use a group of people as a scapegoat, to use fear to control the population and to speak to a white minority who think this country is “being taken away from them.”

If Trump does win the Republication nomination and then he actually becomes president, then I’m afraid that this nation is actually being taken away from us, the rational and loving people who once made this country great.

Some more (factual) reading:

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