I’m Feeling 32

I’m Feeling 32

Sorry about they T-Swift reference. I couldn’t help myself.

Two days ago I turned 32 years old. Having my birthday at the end of a year allows for a long introspection. This year has been challenging in many ways, but it has also been very rewarding.

I’m beyond thankful to God for my wife and my two children. They give me the strength and the drive to become a better man every day.  A large part of why I want to become a successful bestselling author is to be able to better provide for them.

I’m also really excited to start a brand new job next week. I’m a bit nervous, naturally, but I’m really looking forward to it.

I began working on my children’s book with a brand new Wacom tablet, thanks to a VERY generous and kind investor.  I also began writing the sequel to The Mysterious Manuscript and I’m really excited about it. Also, I worked on another book, which I haven’t really publicly talked about, but I’m very excited to share in the future.

On the other hand, every year that passes without me achieving my dreams of becoming a bestselling author does bring me down a bit. In all honesty, I have only myself to blame. I haven’t put the time and effort necessary to work on my writing as much as I should have, but I plan on remedying that in 2016.

I know that I can’t control how my book sales will do, but I can control my work ethic and dedication and it certainly needs to improve.

All in all, 2015 was a good year, but 2016 and being 32 is looking a lot better.

Happy New Year everyone!


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