I love to learn. I wish the days were longer and I could learn everything there is to learn in this world. I wish I could memorize entire encyclopedias and become an expert in almost everything useful and good.

While I can’t obviously know everything, I can spend some time to learn new things. Now that I’m off school, I can actually dictate what I want to learn.

After I got my degree in Mass Media, I thought that jobs would be lining up for me. I thought that with my experience (three years in Mass Media field) plus my degree, I would have people calling me and asking for my services. Over thirty applications later, I still have not received a call for an interview.

How does this relate to learning? Well, it seems that a lot of the better paying jobs nowadays (and the future) deal with computer programming (and I’m including website stuff here). And for me, this is not just a way to make some extra money, but I do actually enjoy learning about how websites, the Internet and computers work.

When AOL ruled providers and Geocities ruled the web, I was a teenager and taught myself HTML and created a couple of websites from scratch. Over the years, I’ve learned some basic CSS, but I stopped there. I didn’t have the time or the drive to further my education.

My new project is to learn JavaScript. In order to truly be able to create and customize websites, JavaScript (along with HTML5 and CSS) is the way to go. This will only be the beginning of course. There are plenty of computer languages out there that I need to learn, but I have to start somewhere.

I will be sharing my successes and failures in this blog and I would love for you to join me. And, if you plan on learning something new, please share it with me!


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