Great Advice for Parents Who Are Artists

Great Advice for Parents Who Are Artists

Austin Kleon wrote a phenomenal blog post a couple of years ago about people who basically tell new parents that childhood equals the death of creativity. While it’s true that those first couple of months you barely have any time to even shower, things do get better and you have to make the time.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Don’t listen to these parents. They are using the precedent of their failures to predict your own. 

For every tired, overworked, bitter parent who tells you how much you won’t get done when you have kids, there’s a parent like John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats, who talks about cradling his son in one arm, and picking out melodies on the piano with the other. Or George Saunders, who stole time from his office job for seven years to write the stories that would become CivilWarLand In Bad Decline. Or any number of moms and dads who make it work and make the work. They are out there. Find them. Hang out with them. Ask them how they do it. Let them be your role models.

Jung said, “Nothing has a stronger influence…on their children than the unlived life of the parents.”

You owe your kid food, safety, and love, but you also owe him your example. You give up on The Thing, and then when the kid grows up, he might give up on His Thing, too.

So don’t give up on The Thing.”

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