3 Marketing Lessons for Indie Authors

3 Marketing Lessons for Indie Authors

I’m still learning a lot, so I what I’m going to share is just the beginning of what I hope will be a series of blog posts. I recently released my adventure novel, The Mysterious Manuscript. While I’ve definitely sold some books, it is not doing nearly as well as I hope it would.

But why is that? Well, there are several things that I didn’t do before launching my book.

1-Build an Email List

This is probably the most important thing for an author. Platforms like Amazon and Kobo one day may fail, but if you have a list of fans who subscribed to your emails, then no one can take that from you.

2-Use that List to Establish a Relationship (and then sell)

You don’t want to start selling right away. No one likes those annoying people who send a bunch of emails asking for people to buy their product. Don’t be that guy. Offer your subscribers valuable content, like free items and contests, as well as telling them about bargain books by other writers. When appropriate, sell, don’t be afraid to do so.

3-Ask For Reviews

One of the most important things before you launch your book is to have at least 25-30 reviewers lined up. Go through your email list and ASK people if they would like a copy of your book in exchange for their honest review. If they say yes, then they will be more likely to follow through. If you want 25 reviews, email at list 75 people. This is something that I failed to do. My book has no reviews currently, but I’m hoping to change that.

I will go into detail in future posts about these three items, as well as other valuable marketing tips for indie authors.


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