The Mysterious Manuscript

The Mysterious Manuscript

Hey everyone! I just published a new novel titled “The Mysterious Manuscript.” It’s a thriller/adventure novel and I’m very proud of it.

The Mysterious Manuscript

“Frank Davis is a world-renowned explorer who is on the brink of a major discovery when he suddenly vanishes. All he left behind was a bizarre note for his young son. Eight years later, his teenage son, Jim Davis, receives an enigmatic invitation from an old friend of his father who claims he can help him. As it turns out the note has an encoded message that catapults Jim into a world of ancient secrets and deadly conspiracies.

But Jim is not the only one picking up where his father left off. A secretive and deadly organization is after the same thing and they’re willing to kill for it.

Mixing historical facts with heart-racing fiction, The Mysterious Manuscript will take you on a ride where codes, secrets and betrayal is the name of the game.”

Get your copy here for only $2.99!


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