Current state

Current state

As I write this, I’m 31 years old. I’ve always thought that by my 30th birthday I would be a best-selling author. When 30 came and went, I realized that nothing was further from the truth. I’m hoping this would be the year, but unless I become Stephen King and write 3,000 words a day, I don’t see how that’s going to happen.

What’s stopping me from writing 3,000 words a day? I would say that right now school is in the way. School is awesome, but I’ve been taking a full load of classes for the past two years, as well as working full-time. When you add to that a growing family, you can see why my time is limited.

When I do have free time at night, after the kids are asleep, it’s a lot easier to watch TV or just surf the net. I’m exhausted by the time I get home, both mentally and physically. I know, I know, it sounds like I’m making a bunch of excuses and maybe I am. I don’t know.

I am excited to soon finish a novel I’ve been working on. I should have known better than to write a novel as a class assignment, but here we are. I need to finish the novel this week. I’m not feeling very confident about it, and honestly, I will probably need to revise it after I publish it (Amazon is nice like that), but I know I’ll feel a lot better once that novel is out there. I think sometimes writing a novel can be the equivalent of a very long birthing process, where one can’t wait to get the baby out!

Once that one is finished, I have another one in progress, and then after that, I plan on expanding the world of Dead Space.

So yeah, despite by non-success as a best-selling author, I still haves hopes to become one soon. And by all the ideas that keep coming to me, I know that I’ll never stop writing.


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