Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle

This is in a similar vein to my previous post. Have you ever caught yourself doing something or saying something that your parents did and you swore you would never do? It happens.

Our environment and upbringing affects us more than we think. Do you know that one in three people who were abused as children will become abusers of children themselves? You would think that if anyone would abhor and understand the consequences of abuse would be someone who was the victim of it, and yet, the numbers don’t lie.

I’m not a sociologist, nor an anthropologist, so I can’t really explain why sometimes we become what we hate.

I know that from a spiritual perspective we are all broken. I know that we need grace to allow ourselves to heal and to forgive others and ourselves. I also know that accepting grace is not a one time thing. And by that I mean, that while our spirit may have received the grace of salvation by faith in Jesus, our mind doesn’t always compute those facts.

We need to remind ourselves of the truth that only our soul knows. We need daily grace to break the cycle of sin in our lives.


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