Chef Movie Poster

When was the last time you saw a good movie? You know, one that you wouldn’t mind seeing again the minute the film ends. It’s a rare thing, but Chef is one of those movies.

Here’s the tagline from IMDB:

“A chef who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family.”

It’s a simple story, but man, is it a good one!

Jon Favreau stars as “Carl Casper” the Chef, or “El Jefe” as he is later known. He does an amazing job in the title role. It makes perfect sense he’s so good in it because he wrote and directed the movie. You can tell that this was an effort of love.

The film deals a lot with Cuban food and Cuban culture, so it resonated with me, personally. I loved the parts that took place in Miami, especially in the famous Versailles Restaurant, which I have been to countless of times in my life.

The food Casper made in the film made me crave my Cuban sandwiches, fritas, and just Miami, in general. For those who don’t know, Miami is basically Cuba 2.0. Since the 1950s, or perhaps even earlier, Cubans have lived and helped build the city of Miami to the metropolis it is today.

The cinematography is perfect and the directing is really fantastic. Favreau did an amazing job. Each shot seemed to have been perfectly planned emphasizing the food when it needed to do so.

Oh, the food. This movie will make you hungry! After watching the movie one night, my wife decided to make Cuban sandwiches the following week! She loves the movie, too.

The soundtrack also deserves a special mention. It’s hard to find a movie that has all of the above qualities, but that also has a great soundtrack. Well, again, Chef proves to be an amazingly executed film. Each song matches the scenes perfectly.

I can say so much more about this movie, but I don’t want to give away its delicious story. Go watch it. It’s funny, heartfelt and very entertaining. It made me nostalgic about Miami, Cuba and some good Cuban food and that’s a good thing.


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