Many Hats

Many Hats

Some people swear by the Steve Jobs mantra, “do one thing only,” as if that was the key to success. While I admire what Steve Jobs did, both as a marketer and entrepreneur, I don’t think his approach can be applied to artists.

For example, I love writing. Writing is my first passion and love, but I also love photography and film making. If we took the Job’s mantra to every area of our lives, then it means I would have to choose only one of these areas to express myself. I think that’s limiting not only to creativity, but also to the human soul.

I understand that if you focus on one thing, you can become very good at it. But I also believe that you can focus on more than one thing and still be excellent.

What do you think? Should we focus only in one thing, or is it okay to express your art in different ways?

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