The Art of Wonder (part 1)

The Art of Wonder (part 1)

This past weekend I went on a road trip around Western Kansas with Rick, my father-in-law. The original plan was to camp out somewhere out in the wild, but the temperatures dropped really low during the night so a warm bed in Ness City sounded a lot better.

I’ve never done anything like this before, even though I love to explore and take pictures. Rick had not been to most of these places either, despite living in Kansas all of his life. In fact, many people who I know who have lived all of their lives in Kansas had never been or even heard of these amazing places. I’m thinking that this will change soon. I know that my photos have already inspired others to explore and I love that.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these pictures as a print, contact me at: Soon, I will set up a gallery where you can purchase the prints. The prints will not have the watermark. They will be limited editions signed by me.

This is part one of our trip in pictures.

Before we headed out to our first destination, which was Rock City, we decided to head west by taking some back roads. You never know what you’re going to find when you take those country roads that only locals know. Rick picked me up a few minutes before 6 a.m. and we took off with only one sure thing in mind: adventure.

It was a really cold morning, so I wasn’t a big fan of being outside unless I had a place or location in mind to shoot.

Right at sunrise, we found a local cemetery that seemed that it had been forgotten by time itself. The tiny cemetery was next to a picturesque windmill:


And of course, there’s the actual sunrise:


As we drove around, still heading west, we happened upon an old church. The church is apparently under construction and accepting donations for renovations. It also had a bunch of signs saying stuff like, “keep out, infrared cameras on.” It had too many of those signs, which made me think that it was probably a lie. Seems like the church’s owner was trying really hard to keep people away from breaking into the church. Don’t worry, we didn’t break in.

old church

Then, we stopped at “The Garden of Eden” in Lucas, Kansas. The Garden is a bizarre house (or it was) which was constructed by Civil War veteran Samuel Perry in the early 1900s. The location also houses a mausoleum where Perry’s body can be seen, at the price of admission, of course. We didn’t go inside since we had a lot of other places to get to, but it was certainly an interesting location.

Garden of Eden

One thing that I found peculiar is that Rick kept waving, or really raising his hand an inch or two from the steering wheel to greet oncoming drivers. I noticed that all of the other drivers were doing the same thing. He explained that this was the custom out in the country, especially among pick up trucks and such.

Being used to Miami traffic, where people usually raise one particular finger to greet other drivers, I was surprised by this pleasant country custom. Overall, I found drivers and people out in Western Kansas to be more polite than most drivers and people in Topeka.

After a brief stop at the “Garden of Eden” we headed to Rock City, which was the first “real” destination we had in mind. But for that, you have to wait for the next blog post!

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