The Art of Editing

The Art of Editing

I love taking pictures, but I think that I enjoy the editing part the most. Although I do know enough Photoshop and Lightroom to do some damage, I enjoy editing with iPhone apps the most. I will occasionally edit an iPhone picture with Lightroom, but I tend to stick with the iPhone apps for phone pictures and use my computer for pictures taken with a DSLR.

The great thing about our day and age is that technology has made it possible for almost everyone to have a powerful camera in their pockets. However, as amazing our iPhones are, taking a picture is just one part of the process. The editing is what brings it all together.

Here are some before and afters, from my Instagram account: cubaninkansas

Colorado, before and after edit

Cow, before and after edit

Dome, before and after edit


I’ll definitely be doing more of these soon, so stick around and in the meantime, follow me.


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