Let’s Burst that Bubble

Let’s Burst that Bubble

We can all learn from each other. On a theoretical level must people nod their head in agreement with the previous statement, but few put it to practice. If you think about it, most of us live in bubbles where our friends and the people we hang out with and even the people we listen to look, well, just like us.

And I’m not just talking about race, although that’s definitely part of the equation. Most of the people you admire, like bloggers, thinkers or TV personalities probably think the same way that you do. Of course, there’s great value in belonging to a tribe and in sharing common things with others, but it’s also as important to have a different perspective on things.

But I get it. You put up your protective bubble because it feels safe and familiar. You don’t want to be challenged. You don’t want to have to defend your opinion, or worse, you don’t want to change your opinion.

But alas, you’re missing out on something really important: we can learn a lot from others.

For example, there’s a TV personality, writer, thinker and now even politician that I admire for his wit and interview skills. The man is probably the best person alive conducting interviews. He gets his subjects to open up because despite of his obvious intelligence, he’s a master at self-deprecating humor. He asks the hard questions and is not afraid to voice his opinion.

With all that said, his personal views are completely opposite of mine. He’s leftist, anti-religion and pro all things that basically conservatives are against.

And yet, I still consider him to be one of the best journalists ever.

So here’s the thing, while I may rarely agree with him, I can admire the quality of his interviews, his prose and his wit. You don’t have to agree with someone on everything to find qualities that you admire. And while I don’t agree with pretty much anything he says, I admit that he gives me plenty of things to think about.

Don’t be afraid to follow and even become friends with a person that views the world in a completely different way.

There’s a lot to learn.


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