A Reflection on (Unwanted) Classes

A Reflection on (Unwanted) Classes

After I wrote The Futility of Some Subjects, something interesting happened. I’m actually starting to like my geology class. I know I’m probably the only one. Everyone else in class is either falling asleep or their facial expressions make it seem like Bambi’s mom just died.

Although I still believe that any kind of advanced math is a waste of time (unless your future career requires such math), I agree that there is some value in being exposed to subjects you wouldn’t immediately choose.

While I’m not going to become a geologist, I did enjoy picking up the 30 pound meteorite that fell down from the heavens sometimes in the 1800s. I also enjoyed learning, or rediscovering, the beauty and the complexity of our planet.

Perhaps a better approach for future educators would be to not force a specific number of physical science courses on unwilling students, but instead present those courses as options. Furthermore, perhaps they can present those courses with a short intro video, or some sort of interactive element on the website. This can get the students excited and even interested about classes they may have not thought of at first.


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