Dreadful Paywall

Dreadful Paywall

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a while. The one thing that has stopped me is the respect I have for The New York Times. However, after this post, titled Emmy Winners Mostly Fall Behind TV’s Paywall, that changed.¬†Essentially, the Times writer laments that most TV shows, such as Breaking Bad, won’t be seen by millions because they’re not on network television.

Of course, the writer fails to mention that the Times also blocks their content from millions of readers after their 10 free articles per month is up.

Is there a way to bypass the Times paywall? And is this way legal?

Yes and yes.

All you need to do is download the anonymous Tor browser. What Tor does is that it allows you to surf the Web anonymously, that is without the prying eyes of hackers and the government.

But it also has another function. It changes your ip address, which is how the Times knows when you reach your limit.

Basically, your IP address will always come up as if you’re in a different country. So, after you install the browser and you connect on the Tor network, you can open The New York Times.

After your 10 articles, all you do is “Stop Tor” and then click on “Use a New Identity.” (See below)


Then reconnect to Tor and you’ll have a brand new ip address. That means 10 free articles. Repeat as many times as you like.

Thanks to Edward Snowden for all the wonderful privacy tips.

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