The Futility of Some Subjects

The Futility of Some Subjects

This post is probably influenced by my lack of desire to attend school today, but there is some unbiased truth to this.

I understand the need for basic schooling, that is, essential math, reading and science, etc. Sorry highschoolers, but you’re stuck. However, once a person reaches college, things should be different. If I’m studying Mass Communications, why am I required to take a Geology or any other natural science class?

Will I ever use Geology or Calculus in my line of work? No, never. And I know that because I actually work in the same field that I’m studying for. No one has ever said, “Hey Israel, can you tell me what kind of rock this is? I’m not sure about its age in relation to its surrounding.”

That has never happened.

So, I think forcing students to study subjects that are in no way related to their field of study is a complete waste of time and money. This is even more true in our digital age where I can learn about Geology (if I wanted to) by just performing a Google search.

The system needs to be changed!

2 thoughts on “The Futility of Some Subjects

  1. So very true! I’d like to recommend something for you! Read or watch youtube about Sir Ken Robinson, John Taylor Gatto, and John Holt. I think you’ll find them interesting and refreshing!

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