How Josh Ritter (Almost) Came to My Wedding

How Josh Ritter (Almost) Came to My Wedding

Josh who? That was the same thing I said when my girlfriend (now wife) first mentioned the musical stylings of Josh Ritter. Turns out that the man can write and sing beautiful songs. If you haven’t had the chance to check out his music, I will share some of my favorite songs at the end of this post.

First time we met in person!
First time we met in person!

In honor of our four-year wedding anniversary next month, I will be sharing some thoughts and memories sporadically through this blog.

As a romantic by nature, I wanted to surprise Elena with a live performance by Josh Ritter. But how was I to accomplish that? Thanks to the power of the Interwebs, I was able to contact his manager and I wrote to him.

I really didn’t expect a response, but respond he did. I won’t be sharing his name or email information, but I will share part of his response:

.”..Josh is going to be flattered with your request (he’ll blush for days), which I’ll pass along.  I will admit though that Josh gets requests like this often, and though if he had his way he’d do it every time it’s going to be a tough one to fulfill.

But thanks so much for sharing the story of you and your fiance, and the great soundtrack behind it.  😉

Drop us another note when the big day nears, if anything to just check in…”

That last sentence gave me hope that perhaps as the day got near, Josh Ritter would drive to Tecumseh, Kansas and walk in out of the rain, wearing all black and sing beautiful songs that he had written just for our wedding.

So, I did check in with him closer to the wedding day. And again, he wrote back.

“Hi Israel,

Thanks again for reaching out!

And again: CONGRATS!

I think Josh would like to attend the wedding of every friend, fan, and stranger if he could.  Ha.

But you may have seen that on September 9th, Josh will be on a stage in Madrid, Spain…..

Regardless, good luck and thanks for making Josh‘s music a soundtrack to what sounds like is just the beginning of (two joined) lives….


Madrid is so lucky! Anyway, I thought it was really nice for him to get back to me. I also then realized that perhaps he happens to be fond of ellipses’ and that he didn’t mean anything by “just to check in…” I guess I’ll never know.

The cool thing is that once Josh Ritter came out to Lawrence, Kansas, me and Elena (now married) went to see him perform. And it was awesome. I did that (lame) thing where you hold your phone and record half of the concert. I was just too excited and couldn’t help myself. My recording is below, followed by some of my favorite songs by Josh Ritter.

Good times, honey!


My Recording

A Few Favorite Songs:








5 thoughts on “How Josh Ritter (Almost) Came to My Wedding

  1. This post is so beautiful! 😀
    I actually wanted to ask you something and that’s why I came but I couldn’t not read the post. :’)

    So what I came here for: What’s the URL to your Nerdfighter blog?
    I seem to have lost it.
    I’ve searched so much and I just can’t find it.

    P.S. Does WordPress show that I’m following you yet??

    1. Hey, I thought that perhaps my first video was so horrible that you decided not to read my Nerdfighter blog anymore. I still have some Internet issues. And thanks for the lovey comment!

      Here it is:

      1. Oh okay thanks! I’ll check it out immediately.

        I looked for days and then I thought “What kind of a person loses a blog URL? Like siriusly!

        I hope the internet issues go away soon.
        *fingers crossed*

      2. Thanks! And that’s okay! It does show you following the blog now! Wohoo!

        I think I’m going to end up switching Internet Service Providers. There are only two over here. Talk about a monopoly. But yeah, it’ll have to wait until I get paid!

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