Thoughts on Pain (and the beach)

Thoughts on Pain (and the beach)

Left to right: Jorge, Joel, Israel.
Left to right: Jorge, Joel, Israel.

While on vacation in Florida, I naturally had to go to the beach. It was a perfect day. The sea was calm, the sand was smooth and the sun was shining with modest intensity.

I was playing soccer with my brother Jorge and my nephew Joel, when me and Joel crashed. His bony left shoulder hit me on my ribs, right where my heart is located. That was a week ago. Needless to say, I’m still in a lot of pain. Being the philosopher that I pretend to be, I started thinking about pain.

Here’s the thing about pain: it lasts. Miami and my lovely Cuban family stayed behind, but the pain is here with me. And then, I started thinking about other kinds of pain, like the one that clings onto your soul. That kind of pain can last a lifetime.

Emotional pain can be a horrible thing. It can latch onto you and never truly leave. And yet, this kind of pain also has an upside: you lived. Yes, pain means that you experienced something great. The only reason pain hurts so much is because it reminds us of how great life was without it.

Pain can serve as a reminder of the good days of a relationship, or even of a great day at the beach. Don’t get me wrong, I wish that I hadn’t been injured, but because of the pain, I keep thinking about that day at the beach, and not just about the infamous crash, but about all of it.


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