Flying Solo

Flying Solo

In two days I’m going back to my hometown! Well, technically my “hometown” is Havana, Cuba, but I won’t be going there anytime soon. I’m talking about, Miami, Florida. Yes, the former home of Lebron James. I grew up in Miami and I absolutely love the city, minus its traffic.

Unfortunately, my wife and kids won’t be able to come with me (we can’t afford it), so that’s sad. I’m definitely going to miss them. It’s also very sad that my grandparents and other family members won’t be able to meet Oliver.

With that said, I’m still excited to see my family and some of my good friends. Another thing I’m excited about is seeing the city of Coral Gables. I absolutely love that place! I will try to film as much as I possibly can on my iPhone and promise to share a few videos with you guys. You’ll see why I love that city so much!

I’ll try to schedule a few posts in advance so that you guys have some cool stuff to read. Thanks for reading!



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