The Business of Writing

The Business of Writing

Writing a novel is hard work. Maybe I should say that writing a good novel is hard work. I’m in the middle of one and that’s the hardest part; the middle. I always get excited about the beginning and the end, but it’s always the middle that drags on like a long Wednesday.

But what I’m trying to decide is this: Should I self-publish it through Amazon once done? Should I try a Kickstarter campaign? Or should I go the traditional route?

I’m certainly leaning towards self-publishing or Kickstarter.

What do you think? Have you self-published or done a succesful Kickstarter campaign?



3 thoughts on “The Business of Writing

  1. I have done a successful Kickstarter campaign! It’s been crazy, I didn’t think I’d get a single donation but within four days all of it was raised – plus more! I so appreciated the support and encouragement which was even better than the money!
    So, I’d recommend it.

    1. Great to hear that! It’s definitely a terrifying thought NOT being able to raise the money.

      I have so many questions though. Such as, what happens after you get the money. Do you find a small publisher? Or do you use CreateSpace?

      I don’t know if you can answer those questions, but it will be helpful. Thanks for your comment of encouragement!

      1. Well, you supposed to do all that kind of publishing research beforehand so that you’re able to tell people where the money is going to and it lets them know you’ve got a clear plan that you can actually deliver.
        For my project, I asked for money to set up my own business to publish books through and for my first ebook, I’m doing it through Kindle but as my own publisher.
        Hope that helps. Feel free to ask any questions.

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