Being a Christian and Enjoying ‘Cosmos’

Being a Christian and Enjoying ‘Cosmos’

It’s no secret that Neal deGrasse Tyson is a very smart guy. It’s also no secret that he has become a sort of scientist/rock star. Earlier this month, Tyson and FOX released a remake of sorts of Cosmos, which was originally created by Carl Sagan.

Here’s the trailer:

Of course, this show will preach all about evolution, the big bang and whatnot. But this is nothing new for creationists. We’ve been bombarded since we’re able to read with images of monkeys turning into humans and similar propaganda. Despite all this, I think Christians can still benefit from watching the show. There are many reasons, but here are just a few:

Neal deGrasse Tyson. Tyson is charming, funny and intelligent. Just because the man believes in evolution doesn’t mean that everything that comes out of his mouth, or this show, has to be discarded. There are many things we can learn from him and the show.

Art. As opposed to the original Cosmos, this version has the fortune that it was created in a day and age where technology is really advanced. As Tyson explained in this Wired interview, “We have a cinematic dimension this time: People working on the show have brought tools from cinema and are applying them to tell the story of the universe. Think about how potent and powerful things like camera angles and scene development are.”

God. While Tyson and other evolutionists marvel at all the “coincidences” that made life possible on planet Earth, Christians can watch with astonishment at the beauty of God’s creation. When I see the complexity and beauty of creation, greatly displayed in this show, I know exactly who made it and that brings a smile to my face.


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