A $40,000 TV – Funny Amazon Reviews

A $40,000 TV – Funny Amazon Reviews

Would you buy a $40,000 TV? The Samsung UN85S9 costs that much. It seems to be a very futuristic and remarkable piece of equipment but even if one day I could afford it, I would never spend so much money on a TV. On another note, Amazon has some really funny reviews of this TV.

This is how this one starts:

“My wife and I bought this after selling our daughter Amanda into white slavery. We actually got a refurbished. It’s missing the remote, but oh well– for $10K off, I can afford a universal, right? The picture is amazing. I’ve never seen the world with such clarity.

Amanda, if you’re reading this, hang in there, honey! We’ll see you in a year.”

And here’s another one:

“Just cashed in the kids’ college funds and dropped them off at the Army recruiting station. I got the TV, they got a career. I think it worked out well for everyone.”

You can read the rest here

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