A Saga of Epic Misadventures

A Saga of Epic Misadventures

The Wes Anderson Collection

Back in later October I became aware of a book called The Wes Anderson Collection. Being a huge Wes Anderson fan, I knew that I had to get it. The book essentially covers all of Anderson’s career and it includes never before seen pictures and extended interviews by author Matt Zoller Seitz, plus so much more amazing things.

I went on Amazon to order it and was disappointed to learn that it was out of stock and Amazon couldn’t promise when it would be delivered. A few weeks later, I was in Kansas City and went to Barnes & Noble, hoping that they would have it in stock. They didn’t. The clerk said he could order it for me but that it wouldn’t get there until after December 4th. I didn’t want to wait that long. So, I went on Amazon again and there was someone selling a brand new copy. They said it was in stock.


I ordered the book. And a few weeks later I got an iPhone 5S keyboard adapter. Not quite what I was expecting. I contacted the seller who apologized and said that the book was not in stock. He told me to keep the keyboard adapter and to have a nice day. I was frustrated. I went online and this time ordered it from Amazon, not knowing when I would receive it. Then, an idea occurred to me. I would be traveling to Miami in three or four weeks and maybe it would be available in a Barnes & Noble down there. And sure enough, it was. After a week of trying to decide what to do, I cancelled the Amazon order and decided to go with the one in Miami.

Once it got close to my departure date (B&N only holds books for three days), I reserved it, thinking I would be paying the online price since I reserved the book online. However, I learned that since I was picking up the book at a physical location, I would have to pay the retail price. I don’t know if you know this, but I’m poor. Once again, I cancelled the order and had to wait until I came back to Topeka to deal with this new chapter in the saga.

Back in T-Town

Once I returned from my trip, I ordered the book from another seller on Amazon who promised that it was in stock and in perfect condition. A month later, I never received my book. I contacted the seller to ask about my order and I never heard back from them. Amazon did reimburse me and gave me a giftcard for the exact amount of my failed order. (The seller never included a tracking order either)Finally, I just ordered the book a few days ago from Amazon, but now I have to wait until they have it in stock. It’s very frustrating because this book was a Christmas and birthday gift to myself (I turn 30 this Saturday).

Saga of Epic

In all of Wes Anderson movies, his main characters have to go on a journey of sorts. At times, that journey is a physical one, such as in The Darjeeling Limited and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, other times the characters themselves go on an introspective journey, such as in Rushmore (The Criterion Collection) and The Royal Tenenbaums. In my case, I don’t know if it’s me or the book that is on a journey, or if we both are. In any case, I feel very tired and just want to enjoy this book.

And Matt Zoller Seitz, if by any chance you read this blog post, would you mind sending me an autographed copy? I would cancel my Amazon order in a flash. That would be a fantastic birthday gift.

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