It’s Christmas, not Xmas

It’s Christmas, not Xmas

I’m not going “war on Christmas” on you, but I’m just going to appeal to your logic. I think it’s pretty obvious that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ. Yes, I know that Jesus was most likely born in the spring, but the point is not when he was born, but that he was born. So, December 25th is Christmas Day and to Christians everywhere, this is a day to celebrate his birth. Because of his birth, his death and Resurrection were possible. This is obvious, but I just want to point it out.

And please, refrain from making any comments like, “Well, it has turned into a capitalist and commercial thing where people buy too many presents.” Yes, I am aware of this. However, this does not detract from the true meaning and significance of Christmas. Just because every Fourth of July we buy a bunch of fireworks and try not to burn our houses down, does not mean that we forgot why we celebrate that day.

So, if Christmas is a Christian holiday, doesn’t it make sense that Christians want to keep those traditions alive and sacred?

The Onslaught

Yes, I am aware that there were not Christmas trees in the Bible. This is a tradition. However, it’s a tradition that was adopted by early Christians, making this tradition a Christian tradition. They are called Christmas trees afterall. Isn’t logic a wonderful thing? Glad you’re following along.

Now you get stories like this one from Reno, where the City of Reno is dubbing the Christmas tree as a “Holiday” tree. This of course is done to not offend people of other religions, or people without religion. What? How does that even work? What about offending Christians, the people who started the Christmas tree tradition? That’s the real and logical approach. Why would anyone be offended by that? When I see a menorah in a business or even a governmental office, I don’t demand for the menorah to be called something else. I am not offended by a menorah. I respect a person’s freedom of religion. And if I’m offended by that, then I need to check myself.

So, the City of Reno can remove the tree if the voters want to, but please don’t call it something else. If it quacks like a duck…it’s a duck.

Then there this Wisconsin School limiting and many times not allowing for elementary school carolers to sing Christmas songs that mention Jesus or anything religious. And speaking of singing, look at this video from a school singing “Silent Night” without any mention of Jesus, the Virgin Mary or any of the main themes of the song! The song itself is about the birth of Jesus! Again, this decision was made in the name of tolerance. But “tolerance” today means to rob Christianity of its traditions because it offends other people.

So, this is the “logic” here:

Christian song → Celebrates the birth of Christ → Let’s get rid of all the Christian stuff and sing it to not offend people.

Pretty stupid “logic” if you ask me.

You are offending the people whose traditions you are trying to morph to please everyone else. That’s offensive and invasive. I’d rather you don’t sing the song, than to alter it and rob it of its meaning.

This is not a war on Christmas. This is a war on common sense.


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