WOD – Day 2

WOD – Day 2

I’m borrowing terminology from Crossfit here with the title, although I won’t be doing any Crossfit for now. However, Rich Froning (Crossfit Champion) is my hero afterall.

Anyway, I felt pumped today. I did shoulders, legs and calves. I know that tomorrow I’m going to have a hard time putting on my seat belt, but I enjoy the soreness. To me, the sore muscles are a reminder that I’m actually doing something. I’m not sitting down. I’m going out there, giving it my all.

It was cool that after my WOD (work out of the day) I did some kettle bell swings. Never done those before, and I know I’m stepping into Crossfit territory here, but it was really awesome. That no doubt added to my shoulder workout.

I couldn’t really do barbell deadlifts since they don’t let us do that at the university gym, but I found other ways to work my calves. I know that deadlifts do more than just calves, but that was today’s target.

Overall, a good day! Thanks for the support, guys!


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