I’ve been obsessed with this song by Lorde lately. It’s not just the haunting melody, but the lyrics themselves. This song is a great critique of our pop culture “royalty” in the U.S. What’s even more amazing is that Lorde wrote this song when she was 15 years old, or in other words, a year ago. You’ve probably heard it already, but hear it again.

Then checkout this article about her. Watch for some language, but her story is really interesting.

2 thoughts on “Royals

  1. I don’t much care for this type of music, so it didn’t surprise me that I never heard of this song…..until, that is, Pentatonix covered it!!

    Pentatonix won last season’s The Sing-Off, a live musical competition for a cappella groups. They have grown widely popular with pop songs from Nikki Minaj, to Macklemore, to Daft Punk. Granted, not artists I wish to ever listen to. But there’s just something in the way they arrange their pieces; it’s beautiful!! They take a genre of music that I hate and transform it into a powerhouse performance that I just can’t stop listening to!!

    Songs like “Can’t Hold Us” to their Daft Punk medley to “A-ha,” an Imogen Heap cover (who I DO like). They are the first musical group that had turned Christmas music into something that finally has put me in the Christmas spirit this year, despite severe chronic back pain and a surgery just 12 days before the holiday.

    The video for “Carol of the Bells” began this deluge into PTXmas, followed by “The Little Drummer Boy,” a song I’d always despised because of the much repeated “rump a pum pum’s.” But their arrangement was so beautiful I listened to the lyrics for the first time, and it brought me close to tears. They have covered other Christmas favorites like “Angels We Have Heard on High” and “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.”

    I wouldn’t consider them mainstream just yet as they are hugely popular on YouTube; but their increasingly large touring schedule has taken them to Europe and Australia as well as all over the U.S. But they are definitely mainstream on MY playlist for sure!!!

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