Good Kids or Godly Kids?

Good Kids or Godly Kids?

What kind of kids do you want to raise? There’s a difference between raising good kids and godly kids. Of course, when I use the word “good” I mean it in the common terminology that most people use, which is that your children will not get arrested or shame your name somehow.

  • A good kid will go to church, but a godly kid will be a Christian. Naturally, you cannot force-convert someone (though we may wish so at times), but as parents, we can raise our children in an environment that invites them to get to know Jesus as their savior. It is God who saves, but we are the ones who preach, with our words and actions.
  • A good kid may not sleep around with multiple people, but will probably cohabit and have premarital sex with a significant other. A godly kid knows about the importance of marriage and it all represents. Not that a godly kid is infallible to this temptation, but if he or she falls, repentance follows promptly.
  • A good kid will chase the American dream, while occasionally thinking of his neighbor. A godly kid will chase after God’s heart and pour out everything for his neighbor.

These are just some examples of what I mean when I say “good” and “godly.” A lot of it has to do with us parents. A lot of it has to do with how we raise our children. What examples are we setting? Our attitudes toward God and the Church are things that kids pick up on. Do you rarely pray together? Do you constantly talk bad about other believers in front of your children?

I know a few people who are studying to become doctors so that they can live the rest of their lives helping others in third-world countries. No big mansions. No pompous cars. No recognition. A parent raising “good kids” would tell his child that this is a stupid idea. “After all those years of study? Why don’t you get married? Why don’t you buy that mansion in that expensive neighborhood?”

But a parent raising godly children will say, “I will do all I can to help you accomplish that desire that God placed in your heart.”

What kind of parent are you? What kind of kids are you raising?


One thought on “Good Kids or Godly Kids?

  1. Great stuff. So true when you say “a lot of it has to do with us parents”. Our children are absorbing how to respond and react to life according by what they see in us. So important for us to be grounded and rooted in Christ so we can lay down the path for them to follow.

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