Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

No, this is not a blog post about Marky Mark, although a Facebook conversation last night did steer in that direction. But it all started when a friend, Sarah, asked the question, “what do people mean when they say ‘I’m sending good vibes your way’?” So, the real questions are, what are good vibrations? how can someone send them and how do they get there?

First things first. Most people who say “I’ll send good vibes your way,” usually say it because it sounds like a positive thing to say. It’s like telling someone “good luck,” before an exam. But just because you “wished” them good luck, it doesn’t mean that the outcome will be a good one. Your wishing has no effect whatsoever in reality. In this scenario, it all depends on how much your friend studied, your friend’s ability to take tests, the degree of complexity of the exam and other factors. Your good luck sentiment, while appreciated, doesn’t affect reality. It may put your friend in a more relaxed mood, which may influence the outcome of the test, but that wasn’t luck, it was just your words of comfort and support.

So, again, some people just say it because it just sounds like an encouraging thing to say. Some of these people are not Christians, so they won’t say “I’ll pray for you.” Instead, they’ll just “send good vibes,” as pointless as that is, because they want to be nice to you.

But what about people who really believe they can send “good vibes?”

The Force

New Age is a hard term to define because it encompasses so many different traditions and beliefs. However, it usually involves mysticism and self-empowerment. In other words, human beings can “create their own reality” just by thinking it into existence. In this scenario, mankind becomes God. Of course, this malarkey. This goes in hand with the “law of attraction.” According to this belief, you can attract whatever you wish if you only think of it. Think positive thoughts, they say. And if bad things happened to you, it’s because you attracted them with your negative thoughts, whether conscious or not.

Can you really attract things with your mind? No, well, unless you’re Magneto. But in all seriousness, this is the most ridiculous thing ever. New Agers believe that they can attract all things by accessing the “Universe.” What is this “universe” exactly? No one really knows, but it seems to be some sort of magical place, a high-end mall for wishful thinking.

What’s really sad is that this kind of thinking has infiltrated many churches. They won’t say ask the universe, but they’ll use phrases like, “envision in your mind,” and they’ll make you put pictures of your dream home and car all over your house and “declare” them as real in your life. This “declaring” is of course an exercise in futility. I can “declare” that I need a better job, but unless I get up and do something about it, nothing’s going to happen.

Michael Scott - I Declare Bankruptcy

So, the “Universe” for the New Age believer is something like the Star Wars Force. The “Universe” is some hazy place that they think they can access with their Jedi minds. But how can an impersonal thing know what you want. How can an “it,” which has no feelings, no thoughts, grant anything? It can’t, but people will believe anything that can satisfy their lusts. Naturally, this “Universe” has no standards, so you can wish to have three wives and your neighbor’s car and it’s all good, baby. One of the main excuses people give to not follow Jesus is because “they don’t want anyone telling them what to do.” This translates to: I just want to keep on sinning without feeling guilty. And guess what? The “Universe” allows you to do that just fine.

When these New Age believers send you “good vibes” they really think that their positive thoughts will travel up to the “Universe” and then magically touch you with its sparkly goodness.

A Better Way

Of course, a better way would be to pray for someone. God is real and personal. He is not a force or some “thing.”

The most amazing thing is that God is sovereign, and yet, it is His will that we pray to Him. I find that pretty amazing. Even though God can and does what He pleases, He still delights and listens to our prayers. And if we are walking in His will, He answers them.

That’s the better way. That’s the only way to truly influence someone’s life for the best, to pray for them.


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