The Music of Breaking Bad

The Music of Breaking Bad

***SPOILERS: DO not continued reading if you have not seen the finale.

Music can do a lot of things in a TV show. There’s the obvious use of music to build tension or anticipation, or to draw attention to a scene. But I dare say that no other show has made such an ingenious use of music than Breaking Bad. There are many examples, all throughout the show, but the final episode “Felina” is a wonderful case to study.

First of all, while “Felina” may be an anagram of “Finale” as some articles have reported, Felina is more than that.


In the scene pictured above, Walter White finds a Marty Robbins cassette tape. As he drives, headed to his inevitable end, the song “El Paso” plays on the car’s stereo. Essentially, the song “El Paso” is about an outlaw who falls in love with a Mexican girl named Felina. Near the end of the song, the protagonist dies in a shootout after being struck on the side by a bullet. As the gunfighter lays dying, Felina kneels by his side. Felina for Walt is his blue meth, of course.

Look familiar?
Sound familiar?

This is not all. One observant Vimeo user put together an amazing video that ties the song “El Paso” perfectly with the entire show. Check out the video below. Warning, you may tear up:

Isn’t that amazing?

But of course, there’s more. In the final scene, where the wounded Walt stumbles onto the meth lab, to be with his blue meth, next to his Felina, the song “Baby Blue” by Badfinger begins to play. The meth is his baby blue. The song begins with:

Guess I got what I deserve

And then it goes:

Didn’t know you’d think, that I’d forget, or I’d regret
The special love I have for you
My baby blue

And here’s the iconic final scene, where Walt is surrounded by his baby blue. The true love of his life.

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