Dear Netflix

Dear Netflix

We have had our ups and downs. I understand the complexities of providing quality streaming movies and TV shows in an era where every studio seems to be wanting to start their own streaming service. Therefore, I applaud your move to create original content for series like Arrested Development, and in doing so owning original content.

However, your Web site leaves much to be desired. It looks outdaded. It looks very 1997. Not only that, the current design is not friendly to prospective customers. So, I propose a new redesign. Who is up to the task, you may wonder? Well, I took the liberty of creating a new design. I designed a clean and accessible Web site that is geared toward new consumers. Isn’t that what you should be after, getting new people to sign up?

So, with that in mind. Look at my design below (click to enlarge):

Netflix redesign

You’ll notice that first of all, the site looks a lot more welcoming. Second of all, I included a search bar right at the top, which will give new consumers the option to check out the catalogue. This way, it will make it easier and more enticing to sign up. Third, on the upper right side of the page I included a “Try it out for free” link. Everyone loves the word “free,” and this way it is prominently displayed.

Fourth, if you are creating all this original content, why not showcase it? That’s why I added a slideshow that will have at least 30 second clips of original content. However, this can also be used to showcase licensed content, even movie trailers. Again, this will certainly attract more costumers.

Finally, I made the footer text more prominent, once again inviting new customers to start their free trial (and hopefully get them hooked). Of course, I also added other relevant links to current customers, as well as all the legal jargon.

So, what do you think? Want to hire me? Shoot me an email:


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