Films I Want to See – June

Films I Want to See – June

Me and Elena just watched Star Trek: Into Darkness last night and it was really awesome. I definitely recommend it. But besides the movie, one thing I love to watch is movie trailers. Here’s a list of upcoming films that will be released in June that I really want to see. I’m sure my lovely wife will want to see many of these films too. Enjoy the trailers!

Man of Steel

What can I say? This looks like it’s going to be a fantastic film, which no doubt will probably end up being a trilogy a la Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight.


The Bling Ring

Ever since Lost in Translation, I’ve been a huge Sofia Coppola fan. She just has a distinct way of telling a story. It will also be fun to see Hermione Emma Watson in such a different role.


World War Z

I haven’t read the book, and I honestly doubt that I will, but I am really excited to see this film. Maybe I’m just having some The Walking Dead withdrawal, but this looks really cool.


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