Baby, you are gonna miss that plane

Baby, you are gonna miss that plane

I’m a romantic by nature. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that I automatically like all romantic movies. In fact, I think most of them are cheesy and trite. But every once in a while you find a story that is real and original. This is what director Richard Linklater did with these two:


Before Sunrise is a film that is so refreshingly original that you can’t help but to fall in love with it. Jessie and Céline are two people who happen to meet on a train in Europe and decided to spend the day together. They get off the train in Vienna and visit local places, all along while talking to each other about religion, politics, the afterlife and much more. The movie had an ambiguous ending, one that allows the audience to decided what becomes of Jessie and Céline.

Instead of rushing to make a sequel, Linklater waited nine years before answering the lingering question posed in the first film. Before Sunset does not disappoint. It is as perfect, or even better than the first film.


Once again, the film ends with ambiguity, allowing fans yet one more chance to resolve the movie in their heads. Did Jessie stay with Céline? Céline, dancing around the room tells Jessie, “Baby, you are gonna miss that plane.” And he replies, “I know.” Does he? The answer, comes nine years later. On May 24, we get to see Jessie and Céline one more time. Some speculate that this will be the last time they’ll get together. I hope not. Whatever the case, Before Midnight will probably be great.


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