Just a Fun Day Out!

Just a Fun Day Out!

The weather here in Topeka has been bipolar to say the least. Just the first week of May alone has been crazy. It was 80 degrees one day and it snowed the next. It seems like now Spring weather is here to stay. Because yesterday was such a nice day out, we decided to go to the park. But before we left, we realized that we needed an umbrella stroller, since our big stroller is too heavy. So, we went to Walmart, got the stroller, but didn’t end up using it at the park. Ellie just wanted to walk!

Here’s Ellie! I just like the way this out of focus (not on purpose) pic turned out.


And another one of Ellie with a filter I was trying out.


And here’s my beautiful and lovely wife. You can barely see Ellie who walked out of the pic!


And here’s a little video I made:

Fun Day Out! from Israel Sanchez on Vimeo.

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